Welcome to ABC Flights.

We are part of Airship & Balloon Company Limited, which specialises in the operation of commercial advertising and special shape balloons, used to promote a company's, products, brand and identity.
We operate the Minion balloons for Universal Pictures and flew Stuart over London recently.

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ABC Flights offers you the chance to fly in a standard shape balloon, with a maximum of five other passengers, so you feel part of the flight – not just another passenger in a ‘flying bus’! You can even charter your own balloon for the ultimate ‘Exclusive Flight’. Our un-branded balloons are also used, to fly TV and film crews for news programmes and documentaries – ABC holds a
Civil Aviation Authority Air Operator's Certificate and are one of the few BBC Aerial Filming Approved Contractors in the UK. ABC Flights is a member of the British Association of Balloon Operators.

Have a look at a recent balloon flight by clicking this button - flights start from £129 per person.

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Countdown for Bristol Balloon Fiesta has started

Bristol Balloon Fiesta prices £199 for Thursday evening and £229 for all other Mass Ascents.
Full details - click here

Please email any flight enquiries to flightdesk@abcflights.co.uk
We look forward to speaking to you soon.
Nick Langley – Managing Director
nick@airshipandballoon.com 07971-154717

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