Welcome to ABC Flights.

We are part of Airship & Balloon Company Limited, which specialises in the operation of commercial advertising and special shape balloons, used to promote a company's, products, brand and identity.

ABC Flights offers you the chance to fly in a standard shape balloon, with a maximum of five other passengers, so you feel part of the flight – not just another passenger in a ‘flying bus’!
You can even charter your own balloon for the ultimate ‘Exclusive Flight’.

Our un-branded balloons are also used, to fly TV and film crews for news programmes and documentaries – ABC holds a
Civil Aviation Authority Air Operator's Certificate and are one of the few BBC Aerial Filming Approved Contractors in the UK. ABC Flights is a member of the British Association of Balloon Operators.

This website is designed to give you as much information as possible about your flight, including the various cost options. If you feel you we haven't covered something, or simply want more information please call or e-mail us.

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Mass ascent from Bristol International Balloon Fiesta - the ultimate ballooning experience - don’t leave it too late to book!

Fly in our new balloon - named Bristol Blue - with a maximum of 4 other passengers.
Weekend Rate - £129 per person.

Please email any flight enquiries to

We look forward to speaking to you soon.

Nick Langley – Managing Director
nick@airshipandballoon.com 07971-154717

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